Welcome to SKA

by Sue Anderson on June 15, 2014

 This company is a call to arms.

It really is time to act,

to dare to be different,

to dance and be agile.

Traditional business, product and service models are being flipped on their head. Only those able to read the wind and tack to the left will remain afloat. Scary times indeed, but exciting too.

As children we were brave. When the young are asked ‘Who here is an artist?’ a forest of hands reach for the sky. As we age, all too few of us will lay claim to this ambition.

Yet your work is your art. Many sculpt and design products, displaying them on the gallery walls of shop shelves. Others work in the performance artspace of service deliverables. We all create, we all provide, so retain belief, and remember pride.

SKA helps to retrieve your passion, to deliver the energy and return the spring to your step to assist you in being different, and make your mark.

We are not for everyone. No one is. But for those who wish to engage, to travel the yellow brick road, a truly memorable and valuable experience is guaranteed.

So please be in touch. And quickly . . .

Many people have helped to make this site, either directly with code, pictures or build capabilities; or indirectly with recommendations to those who could best help. My thanks to all, and especially –

Kate Storey – BoudicaDigital –

Liz Clancy – Elizabeth Clancy Photography –

Diana Nelson and Marina Penderis – for advice.

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