Sue Anderson here.
I help you take the steps required towards a future which excites.

Few things about me

I have a really diverse background, allowing me to be equally comfortable on the shop floor, as with business owners and executives.

I went to high school on a language scholarship, studying French and Indonesian, but left at he end of year 11 to start a Printing Composing apprenticeship.

On completing my apprenticeship, I was immediately promoted to management. Here I learnt end-to-end manufacturing processes, working in estimating, sales, production, scheduling and logistics.

Concurrently, I studied at night-school to qualify for university and represented Western Australia in rowing.

Commencing at the University of Melbourne and concluding at the University of WA, I graduated with a double major in Industrial Relations and Philosophy.

I set to work combining my trade and degree qualifications – consulting to the print industry while co-authoring negotiation exercises for university and tutoring.

I discovered a dual passion for education and consultancy I have to this day.

Things that set Sue Anderson apart from the others

  • Trade and degree qualified
  • University tutor and author of negotiation
  • Extensive industry management background
  • Diversity of skills

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